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Oil Damaged Swans in Sean Walsh Park, Tallaght

On Friday 6th February 2015 there was an oil spill that originated in the Whitestown Stream and contaminated a lake in the Sean Walsh Memorial Park. The three resident swans plus the newly-arrived dozen other mute swans were coated in the contaminent.

The South Dublin County Council Pollution Officer and environment staff were quickly on-site to carry out an investigation and clean-up of the incident in an effort to minimise any environmental damage. Most of the swans were rescued from the lake and brought to the the DSPCA to be cleaned up and for rehabilitation. At the time Gillian Bird of the DSPCA said: "There are 12 swans overall that we’ve rescued, and we're still trying to catch another two."

"They’re all doing well, they have been washed and cleaned and they will be with us for at least another two weeks as we wait for their protective coats to grow back so they can be let out into the wild.” She continued: “As far as we are aware, the spill happened and then cleared very quickly and there doesn’t seem to be any long-term effect on any of the swans."

"These swans are all in very good condition, thanks to their habitat, and have been well fed by the people of Tallaght and the surrounding areas.”

The following weekend two clean swans appeared on the lake. It is unknown if they were part of the original group or if they were opportunistically availing of the vacant lake.

Photos of Oil Damaged Swans in Sean Walsh Park in Tallaght, Dublin 24

Adult swan with oil on its plumage Adult & juvenile swans with oil damage
Juvenile and adults swan with oil on their feathers in Tallaght
Swans on the lake in Sean Walsh Park with oil damage Swan trying to remove oild from its feathers Adult swan on the lake in Sean Walsh Park with oil damage

Oil-damaged swans on the lake in Sean Walsh Park

Voulnteer in an inflatable trying to rescue oil-damaged swans

One of the swans took to the air to evade the rescue attempt.

More images of Swans in Tallaght

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